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This site was last updated on 2/12/2018

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Brearley Cemetery, Dardanelle, Ark

This site is for genealogists who are researching their ancestors that established Roots in Yell County, Arkansas or passed thru here on the way to other places.

We now have a new link at the top of the page. It is a link to Mary's recently printed obits from the Yell County Record. It will be kept updated more often than this site and can be a good source to see which obits were printed in the past few weeks. Check it out.

This site contains collections of obituaries and newspaper clipping and other articles from the weekly YELL COUNTY RECORD newspaper and other newspapers around the state.

We have also provided a name index for the 167 cemeteries listed on the website Cemetery Records of Yell County, Arkansas . There are over 32,500 names listed in this index. Click on "Yell Cty Cemeteries" in the menu bar above to access this index.

Currently our obituary collection contains over 20,000 obituary images and over 13,000 transcriptions of obits and newspaper clipping.

In 2009, we completed a project to put all the obit images from the Danville Library Obituary Collection online. This collection contains 12,761 obit images. Some of these images have been transcripted to text.

In 2010, we started adding the Dardanelle Library Obituary Collection. The Dardanelle Library collection contains obits images from the Dardanelle Post-Dispatch Newspaper and other local papers. We were only able to complete the A, B, C and G letters before we had to suspend our work on the project.

In addition to the obits that we pulled from the YCR and the 2 county libraries, we also have obits which were submitted to us by our patrons. These obits that were published in various newspapers for people with connections to Yell County families. We are looking for obits that we do not already have available to us from the Yell County Record. The older the obits the better since those are the ones that are the hardest to come by. If you are like most of us, you have a shoebox full of obits that you have been collecting over the years. We would appreciate getting access to some of these. We will include your name as the contributor of the obit unless you specify otherwise. If you have some obits that you would like to contribute to us, please send either the obit text or image to maryeleek. Be sure to include the newspaper and date published if you have that information. We appreciate your help in making this an even better website.

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YELL County is located in west central Arkansas with Danville as it's county seat. YELL County was established in 1840 from parts of Scott and Pope counties.  It was named after Archibald Yell, the second Governor of Arkansas

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